The #Ammonize show airs live on Sundays, 8pm UK time, 3pm Eastern time, 12 noon Pacific time, but is currently on a break. The show will return for its second series in the New Year.

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Ammonize Your Business

Ammonize is a weekly, live-streamed (broadcast), video series of meetings between volunteering real world businesses, and veteran Internet marketing consultant, Ammon Johns. The #Ammonize shows are broadcast live via Ammon's Google Plus account and on Ammon's YouTube channel each week.

The aim and objective of the shows are to put a practical, real-world, "actual-usage" emphasis on advice in online marketing. This helps to counter a common frustration that all such advice is too generalized, lacking clear examples of application. The shows demonstrate precisely how Ammon Johns and some of the various 'Guest Experts' he brings to the show approach, weigh-up, and decide upon online marketing strategies and tactics.

By watching the shows you can learn exactly how Ammon Johns looks at situations, objectives, resources, and problems. See how he evaluates opportunities, (and risks). Discover the ways that a professional online marketing consultant puts together a complete strategy that is case-specific and tailored precisely to the needs, market, resources, and other specifics of each individual business.

You can discover exactly how to 'Ammonize' your own business or projects.

Ammonize: Live Consulting

Getting 'Ammonized' carries no price tag. However, this does not mean that it should be treated as free SEO and marketing consultancy. It simply does not cost money.

Ammonize is treated as though it were a paid hour of consulting. You get the same level of effort and attention along with the same care for making the advice practical, actionable, and realistic.

It will still cost you time, you must still make a commitment to get results, and you 'pay it forward', in being a public case study for others to learn from.

Clients should ideally treat the advice exactly as if they had paid (£150 GBP) for the hour. Ask questions. Pay close attention. Get the most value you can from the hour.

If you could appreciate an hour of absolute top-class advice from a highly respected Internet marketing consultant, and you don't mind paying with your privacy rather than your cash, then why not apply to be a 'Guest Client' on the Ammonize show.

Private Consulting

The main purpose of this site is to promote the Ammonize show with live, publicly broadcast consultancy that is the business service equivalent of an 'Open Source' offering.

However, it is appreciated that not everyone who hears of this service will be comfortable to open up the details of their business publicly, and some would prefer to pay for private consultation.

Additionally, since there is a waiting list to get on the show (we are currently accepting bookings for January 2015), it could be that you have a more urgent need, and would rather pay for immediate help.

Ammon's full range of professional Internet marketing services can be booked from

Alternately you can contact Ammon via social media links at the bottom of the page.

For all further details regarding private, professional consulting please visit Ammon Johns & Co. Internet marketing services.