The #Ammonize show airs live on Sundays, 8pm UK time, 3pm Eastern time, 12 noon Pacific time, but is currently on a break. The show will return for its second series in the New Year.

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About Ammonize

Ammonize is a weekly video series in which veteran Internet marketing consultant, Ammon Johns gives live, real-time, real-world consulting to genuine volunteer clients. The #Ammonize shows are broadcast live each Sunday at 8pm UK time (3pm Eastern/12 noon Pacific) via Ammon's Google Plus account and on Ammon's YouTube channel each week.

The series has a rather unique, 2-part format to the content. In the first show of each pair, Ammon Johns performs an hour of live consuting with a 'guest client', providing Internet Marketing consultancy to a real-world business that you can sit in on and ask questions about as it happens.

In the second show of each pair, Ammon and his occasional guest experts address audience questions, go deeper into the thinking and details behind the consultation session, and often do a 'deep-dive' into specific topics that arose during the consulting.

By watching the shows you can learn exactly how Ammon Johns looks at situations, objectives, resources, and problems. See how he evaluates opportunities, (and risks). Discover the ways that a professional online marketing consultant puts together a complete strategy that is case-specific and tailored precisely to the needs, market, resources, and other specifics of each individual business.

By being a guest client on the show, you can get meaningful, actionable, specific consulting from Ammon Johns at no financial cost.

NB: I don't like to call it 'Free' because it will still cost you time, you must still make a commitment to get results, and you 'pay it forward' in being a public case study for others to learn from.

Ammon Johns

Ammon Johns is a renowned and highly-respected Internet Marketing Consultant based in the UK and working with clients around the world since 1996.

While Ammon is generally best known for his work in search engine marketing and SEO, he has often stated that search marketing is only 10% of what he can bring to clients, even if it happens to be 80% of what he is originally contracted for. He demonstrates this claim continually in the shows.

Ammon is widely acclaimed as one of the pioneers of SEO, and certainly as a pioneer in holistic marketing, integrating the online marketing plan to the overall marketing activity, marketing plan, and business plan, of each client.

The Testimonials published on Ammon's business site read like a "Who's Who" of digital marketing, showing the immense respect and admiration others have for him.

Lee Rickler

Lee Rickler is the unpaid but much-loved Technical Assistant on the #Ammonize shows.

While there is no business connection or arrangement between Ammon's company and Lee (who runs development agency Point And Stare), their relationship on the show is close, supportive, and all about the client.

Lee provides detailed analysis of his own on websites, and is a respected specialist in WordPress development.

You can learn more about Lee Rickler via his social media profiles:

Lee Rickler on Google+

Lee Rickler on LinkedIn

The Clients

Getting 'Ammonized' carries no price tag. However, this does not mean that it should be treated as free SEO and marketing consultancy. It simply does not cost money.

If you could appreciate an hour of absolute top-class advice from a highly respected Internet marketing consultant, and you don't mind paying with your privacy rather than your cash, then why not apply to be a 'Guest Client' on the Ammonize show.

Guest Experts

We have had a variety of Guest Experts join some of the shows when their specialist knowledge may prove useful to the client (or the audience).

If you have a strong, world-class, expert-level speciality in a particular aspect of marketing or business consulting, and would like to be added to our list of experts to call upon, please get in touch.