The #Ammonize show airs live on Sundays, 8pm UK time, 3pm Eastern time, 12 noon Pacific time, but is currently on a break. The show will return for its second series in the New Year.

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Get Ammonized

Ammonize takes on volunteer clients for highly detailed, specific, expert consulting. You could be one of those clients if you meet the very simple criteria.

  1. You must be open to discussion about your business.
  2. You must be ready for the publicity of the discussion.
  3. You must have the right to discuss your business.
  4. You must have the equipment for a Hangout On-Air.
  5. You must be prepared for occasional follow-ups.
  6. You must enter into this arrangement in good faith.

If any of the above points seem impossible, then you would be best advised to seek private consulting instead.

It is a short list of criteria with nothing unreasonable asked.

Mostly it should be fairly self-explanatory, however, to be certain of clarity, let us go through those simple criteria in more detail in the following sections:

Open to Discussion

While it can be possible and even recommended to arrange some certain aspects of your business that would not be publicly disclosed, this really needs to be a minor detail. So, for example, not discussing your sponsors for fear of allowing others to 'poach' them, or not discussing specific profit margins, might be in your interests and workable, this is a broadcast event.

If we can not discuss several important details of your business in public then it would make for a terrible show. In such cases you would be best advised to seek private consulting instead.

Ready for Publicity

You need to understand and accept that the Ammonize show is a public broadcast and that recordings remain publicly accessible through both YouTube and through sites the video may be embedded in (such as G+ and this site).

I repeatedly point out that I do not consider Ammonize as 'free' consulting. You pay with your time, and with the publicity of the event. Every care is taken to ensure you are happy with the result, but it is a recorded public event.

Additionally, certain businesses may not be suited to public broadcast by their nature, such as 'adult' websites, or businesses that contravene Google (or Youtube) content policies such as sites about drugs, firearms, hate-speech, etc.

Should you be unsure about publicity then you would be best advised to seek private consulting instead.

Have the Right

You need to have the necessary rights and permissions to discuss the business. I know that this may seem very obvious, but it was amazing how often in webmaster forums some agent of a business would talk openly about a business that was not their own, and later have to beg for the content to be removed.

Please only apply for the show to talk about a business that you own and have all rights to discuss freely.

Equipment for a HOA

The Ammonize consulting is performed live on a Google+ "Hangout On-Air". This is Internet video chat, and has some basic requirements.

The basics are that you need to have a webcam, a microphone, headphones or earphones, and a good quality Internet connection. It is advisable (but not absolutely necessary) that you have a quad-core processor or better so that you can have HD video in both directions. It is also strongly advised that you use an ethernet cable to connect to your router, and not rely on a wi-fi connection which has more limited bandwidth.

You should also have some bright lighting, almost entirely in front of you, as this will greatly improve the performance of your camera and allow your computer to focus its efforts on the quality of the stream, rather than on trying to fill in light on 30 frames of video per second.

I can provide further tips on improving your video once I accept you as a client for the show.

Occasional Follow-ups

It is always intended that we later follow-up on clients of Ammonize later on to see how they have used the advice, and how they are doing. Ideally we would love to talk with you again after three months, six months, and a year. Naturally, we try to work this into your schedule. Your willingness to allow reasonable follow-up action is asked, and appreciated.

Act In Good Faith

It is vitally important that you apply for the show in good faith. There have been folks who think they can use the show to garner some free publicity while actually having no intention of taking any advice given in the consultancy. This is not a showcase for businesses to garner some free advertising.

The agreement we are entering into is that Ammon Johns (and possible guest experts where appropriate) provide consulting in return for which they gain a public example of the work they do, and a case study for others to learn from.

Should you need to change your side of that bargain, you will need to pay the standard rates (at time of change) for the consultancy provided.